On Target Apartment Rentals-Helpful Pre-leasing Hints

At On Target Apartment Rentals we are here to make your living accommodations much easier. In the fast pace road of life it’s always better to think and plan ahead. Finding an apartment in the Los Angeles metropolitan is not easy and could be nerve wracking. Even though you find the right place you could be facing competition.
Here is what you need to do to be ahead of the game:

Check your credit: Before you start looking for an apartment you need to check your credit. There are many online free credit report agencies and the will even give you a month free to monitor your credit. By knowing your credit ahead of time you don’t waste your money putting up application fees then get surprised if there are inquiries that you were not aware of. Also if you have bad credit, you have your credit in hand and can show it to the building owner to get pre-approved or not approved without paying application fee or having more inquiries on your credit.

Have your income verification ready: There have been so many incidents that multiple people applied for the same property and who beat the competition? It was the person with all their paper work in hand. If you are paid salary you normally want to have a copy of your last three pay stubs. If you are self employed you need to have bank statements where you deposit your income. Last three months bank statements should be sufficient.

Give your 30 day notice: Many people think they need to find a place first then give their 30 days notice to their current landlord. This has been proven wrong again and again. One of the major points most landlord consider during the approval process is the earliest date the prospective tenants can move in. If you are the perfect tenant but you are not ready to move for another month most landlords would put your application last on their list.

But look at the bright sight you have www.ontargetapartmentrentals.com by your side every step of search for your living accommodations.

Happy searching!

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